The training is made of 4 sessions of 2 hours each. Please contact us for the next session's dates and location.

The price for 4 x 2hrs is €220 excl. tax.

Who is this training for?

The content is specifically tailored to freelancers, ZZPs and small businesses who cannot afford a full time social media manager.
If you have not started your business yet, you are very welcome to join the training as the content will cover the principles of online marketing and can feed your strategic thinking.

How many PArticipants?

Groups are limited to 10 people to ensure you get maximum support during practice time and question time.

Is Facebook relevant for my business?

All services and products who can benefit from creating a relationship with their prospects and current clients benefit from being present on Facebook.
Local products and services also get an edge by being present on Facebook (food, health, fashion, home decor, architecture, health professionals, consultants)
Want an example? Have a look at The Avocado Show: this restaurant had 10,000 followers and crazy amount of press coverage BEFORE opening its doors for business.

B2B and B2B2C companies also benefit from being present on Facebook as your branding efforts help your clients sell your products and services to their own clients.

What are the prerequisites?

A Facebook page. No need to have any followers on it, just open it and jump into the training, I will teach you how to grow your following.

As we will be practicing together during the training, you will need a laptop with wifi.

A credit card and €10 to publish your first Facebook ad.