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Working Together

geraldine leroye



A Change Management and Strategic Communication specialist, I provide my expertise to small and large businesses in Europe and the APAC region.

My 15 years of experience spans stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, creating collaborative environments, large tender management and internal communications for Fortune 500 companies.

I have strong beliefs in cutting the corporate speak, fast kick-offs and turning the old leadership paradigm on its head: a leader does not need to know everything, but enables his team to succeed. And if they feel good in the process, everybody wins.


Born in France, raised in Germany and the small of island of Tahiti in the South Pacific, I have a Bachelor in Organisation and Communication, a Master in Human Resources from IGS in Paris, France and I am trained as a Hogan facilitator.

I spent my first 10 years working with large multinationals in the FMCG and industry sectors such as Danone and Alstom, working as an internal consultant on change management and deploying corporate strategy initiatives. One of the key projects I helped shape and deploy from the start, Networking Attitude for Groupe Danone, has resulted in numerous articles in the press, in-depth research by the Harvard Business Review and inspired other medium and large organisations to emulate the program.

After a decade supporting senior executives in deploying their strategic plans, I was keen to challenge myself and get in the line of fire. I took up a position as Tender Leader for Alstom in Australia, supporting the development of the local branch from a small office to a 200+ staff solid business, winning major government tenders in Signalling and Rolling Stock ranging from AUD $60 to 500 millions in the course of 3 years.

I have developed my own business practice in the last 4 years and I am now combining my change management and business development skills to support individuals, small and large businesses transform and develop.

My life and work experience have shaped my vision of the world and I am characterised by my capacity for idea synthesis, rapid learning and adaptability.

A keen rock climber with a strong interest in leadership, social issues and foreign cultures, I am now working and living between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, depending on clients and project requirements.

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